CAPA-CHECK is a unique national level software tool for the observance of the national legal framework on preventing and fighting money laundering, compliance and risk management.

CAPA-CHECK is based on expertise, more than ten, developed by the members of the legal firm “Paladii Catan şi Asociaţii”, based on international partnerships and the cases that the firm dealt with, internal policies positively endorsed by the Money Laundering Prevention and Fighting Service to develop holistic solutions in the area of fighting money laundering and risk management.

CAPA-CHECK is a flexible and dynamic instrument taking into account the objectives and obligations set out by regulatory authorities around the world.

The legal firm “Paladii Catan şi Asociaţii” developed a holistic solution within this innovative and radical instrument which targets the needs of financial institutions, investment companies, insurance companies, payment systems providers, accounting, fiduciary and legal companies.

Ultimately, “Paladii Catan şi Asociaţii” Legal Firm intends to be a trustful business partner providing to its clients solutions that help overcome challenges.